Our job is to protect what’s inside your building by securing the outside. Our expertise and knowledge
of the building envelope allow us to do just that.  The role of the consultant is to collaborate with owners, designers and builders of construction projects to create high performance building envelope systems. 
Our core services include building envelope consulting for the design phase of new construction and
existing projects, weatherproofing/waterproofing design and consulting.

Due to today’s tough economic environment, convincing prospetive clients that hiring a building
envelope consultant is worth their investment is difficult.  A building envelope consultant focuses
on solving or preventing performance problems associated with the enclosures of buildings. The
building envelope includes balconies, wall systems, windows, doors, roofs, skylights, exterior glass
curtain walls, storefronts, at-grade and below-grade slabs, and foundations and basements.

In today’s economic climate, risk management and protecting the value of real estate assets are top priorities for property owners and managers.  Water intrusion can be the single most destructive
factor to the structural integrity of a building.  If left unchecked, it can cause untold damage and
literally bring an entire building down.

We provide waterproofing consultation and plan reviews, from Design Development through
Construction Documents.  We can provide recommendations related to the building envelope for
new projects, design repairs for existing projects, and develop repair scopes including plans and specifications, obtain bids, oversee repairs, and provide construction management services.

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