SG&P Constructioneering, Inc. has been a member of the US Green Building Council since
2008.  Mr. Gagnon attained his LEED Accredited Professional designation in 2008 (LEED AP), and has been involved in numerous projects that have attained LEED Certifications.

The LEED Green Building Rating System (LEED) is a voluntary, consensus-based,
market-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. The
LEED rating system address both a wide variety of buildings types, including
commercial buildings, homes, neighborhoods, retail, healthcare and schools; as well as
every phase of the building lifecycle; including design, construction, operations and
maintenance. Projects may earn one of four levels of LEED certification (Certified, Silver,
Gold or Platinum) by achieving a given number of point-based credits within the rating

Beginning with its launch in 2000, LEED has grown from one rating system for new
construction to a comprehensive system of nine interrelated rating systems covering all
aspects of the development and construction process. Since its inception, LEED has grown
from six volunteers on one committee to more than 200 volunteers on nearly 20 committees
and nearly 200 professional staff.