Whether you are a city with thousands of stormwater inlets, or a gated private community
with only a few stormwater inlets, SG&P can provide inspection and documentation of your
stormwater system.  Cleanliness and depth of silt, to illegal dumping of liquids or tapping of
inlet structures, SG&P can protect your community and interests, SG&P Construction can
prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for your construction project.  The
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater program requires
construction site operators engaged in clearing, grading and excavating activities that disturb
one or more acres, including smaller sites in a larger common plan of development or sale, to
obtain coverage under an NPDES permit for their stormwater discharges. This also applies to
stormwater discharges from industrial facilities.

Stormwater runoff from construction activities and industrials facilities can have a significant
impact on water quality. As stormwater flows over construction sites and industrial facilities, it
picks up pollutants, debris, and chemicals. These are then transported, untreated, to our many
sources of water.  Polluted runoff water can harm or kill fish and other wildlife, destroy aquatic
habitat and even cause stream bank erosion.

Any construction project over 1 acre in size must prepare a Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Plan (SWPPP), file and obtain a permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection,
and inspect and document WEEKLY inspections the controls established in the project's SWPPP. 
In addition, a separate inspection (and the inspection documented) for any rain event over 0.50 inches
in a 24 hour period.  SG&P can prepare the SWPPP, file for and obtain your SWPPP permit,
perform weekly required inspections, compile the documentation to protect you, and file the
necessary paperwork to "close the project's SWPPP".


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